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Goddess candle, hand-poures and lovely scented. Measuring 1.75" x 6.5"

Burns 40-60 hours and comes with a lead-free, pewter pendant. Made in the USA. 


  • Beauty (Goodness) In going about our day with compassionate loving kindness, we radiate beauty and goodness. Appreciating the inner beauty of our own spirit enables us to see the beauty in all things in both the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Butterfly (Growth) The connections between the body, mind and spirit enables us to transform challenges into opportunities for growth during periods of transitions and change in our life.
  • Earth & Sky (Awakening) The connection between the physical self and universal perfection is expressed as harmony when body, mind, spirit are balance; enabling limitations of the physical realm.
  • Fertility (Creativity) The center of the spiral is the place of creation, the womb of life. In reflecting on what we desire in life, we can consciously create our reality through enlightened choices. Creativity flows easily when we move towards our spiritual center. 
  • Inner Peace (Well-Being) We experience inner peace and harmony when our body, mind, and spirit are in balance. When we allow our soul's perfection to flow into all we think and do, we experience tranquility and well-being.
  • Lotus (Purity) With its roots in the mud, the Lotus rises through water until it blossoms as a flower above its surface. Always reaching towards the light, we are reminded of our own spiritual journey towards enlightenment and purity. 
  • Love (Compassion) In giving and receiving love, our viewpoints shift from ourselves to others with compassion and understanding. Unconditional love is the underlying creative energy in the universe.
  • Meditation (Tranquility) Sitting in quiet contemplation or experiencing the bliss of deep meditation renews our spirit. The tranquility of meditation leaves us feeling calm, peaceful, and content as we go about our day. The Meditation Goddess assists us with feeling our connection with peace, love, and harmony.
  • Moon (Consciousness) The waxing, full and waning from birth to death. The Moon Goddess brings light to connections with the universal consciousness.
  • Prosperity (Abundance) In opening up our hearts to giving and receiving, blessings and gifts come easily. Abundance and joy flow in our life. The Goddess of Prosperity is the embodiment of success and fulfillment.
  • Spirituality (Self-Realization) The spiral is a symbol of the journey towards our spiritual center. We journey towards spiritual growth, enlightenment and self-realization when we establish a connection with the Divine.
  • Water (Connection) Water is composed of individual drops that are each complete within themselves and also an integral part of the whole. The water Goddess affirms our duality as a unique part of creation yet interconnected with all that is.

Goddess Candles with Pendant

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