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This adjustable corded necklace comes with a pewter pendant holding onto a vile of Magical Fairy Dust. Made in the USA, lead-free.


Sprinkle Fairy Essence around you, close your eyes and welcome your fairy into your heart. Enjoy the wonder your fairy brings. Just remember, if you stay too long, you may be lost forever in that magical place of wonder. Do you believe?


Essence in your choice of:

-Magic (Supernatural and Occult Abilities) By copper cauldron, by burning fire, To MAGIC do I aspire.

-Passion (Seduction and Desire) Bring to me my heart's desire, Kindle within a passionate fire. 

-Success (Bounty and Glory) Fresh tilled Earth and growing things, Success is what hard work brings.

-Wisdom (Learning and Understanding) Open my eyes so that I may see, And understand your mysteries. 

-Wealth (Prosperity and Riches) Oh, Queen of plenty shine on me, Grant my wishes of prosperity.

-Truth (Knowledge and Honesty) Grant me truth and honesty, Free me from deceit and trickery.

-Healing (Strengthen and Restore) By fruit of flower of the field, By your wisdom, my wounds are healed. 

-New Beginnings (Renewal and Rebirth) Dawn bright for me, brand new day, Where past and pain is washed away. 

-Loyalty (Purity and Devotion) My lover's eyes shall never see Any love but in me. 

-Ageless (Eternal and Everlasting) Turn back the hands of time, Iron away these wrinkles of mine. 


Magical Fairy Essence Pendant Necklace

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