These pewter angel pendants measure approximately 1" tall and are set on an adjustable cord.  Each Angel Pendance Necklace comes with an inspirational quote, and whether it's being given as a gift or kept for yourself, you'll appreciate the symbolism that this angel represents. 

Angel of Love - "I look at you and then I know the sweetness of love's golden glow."


Angel of Giving - "The secret you reveal to me is that by giving I receive."


Angel of Healing - "By fruit or flower of field by your wisdom my wounds are healed."


Angel of Guidance - "As troubles plague me, torn and tossed your gift is guidance when I'm lost."


Angel of Wisdom - "All that you know you give to me and wisdom blossoms effortlessly."


Angel of Compassion - "You yeach compassion, so I know that through a smile new life can grow."


Angel of Hope - "Your wings of change enfold on me and give me hope for what can be."


Angel of Friendship - "Your smile again and my heart sings the greatest joy that friendship brings."


Angel of Prosperity - "Your very presence offers me the promise of prosperity."


Angel of Peace - "When nothing else can bring release the blessing that you give is peace."


Angel of Harmony - "With your sweet grace you give to me the light of perfect harmony."


Angel of Miracles - "Through you I know the power of prayer and miracles are in the air.


Made in the USA.

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