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Each of our Animal Spirit Guide Pendants come on a black corded adjustable necklace.  They are made from lead-free pewter, made in the USA. 

Animal Spirit Guides Available Include: 


-Bear (Spiritual Strength) spiritual strength, introspection, knowledge, balance, independent thinking.

-Beaver (Resolve) gentleness, tenacity, resolve and friendship. 

-Butterfly (Peace) spiritual growth, bringer of joy and peace.

-Dragonfly (Change) messenger of the elemental dreams, enlightenment and change.

-Eagle (Perspective) sacred messenger carries prayers to the creator and returns with gifts and visions.

-Frog (Creativity) goddess symbol, feminine energy, creativity, new life.

-Horse (Strength) inner power, grounding, safe travel, freedom, speed, grace and strength.

-Hummingbird (Perspective) tireless joy, accomplishing the impossible.

-Kokopelli (Music) spirit of music, creativity and sexuality.

-Lizard (Change) change, new beginnings.

-Moose (Courage) courage, determination and clarity.

-Raven (Wellness) intelligence, wellness, keeper of secrets. 

-Wolf (Freedom) cooperation, loyalty, family, intelligence, freedom.

Animal Spirit Guide Pendant Necklace

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