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Each of our Animal Spirit Guide Pillar Candles are adorned with a gold or silver pendant representing the animal you choose which can be treasured long after the candle burns.  The candle itself lists the qualities associated with each spirit animal.  Measuring approximately 1.75" x  6.5" and burn 40-60 hours. Lead-free, pewter pendant. Made in the USA.

Animal Spirit Guides Available Include:

  • Bear (Spiritual Strength) spiritual strength, introspection, knowledge, balance, independent thinking.
  • Beaver (Resolve) gentleness, tenacity, resolve and friendship. 
  • Butterfly (Peace) spiritual growth, bringer of joy and peace.
  • Dragonfly (Change) messenger of the elemental dreams, enlightenment and change.
  • Eagle (Perspective) sacred messenger carries prayers to the creator and returns with gifts and visions.
  • Frog (Creativity) goddess symbol, feminine energy, creativity, new life.
  • Horse (Strength) inner power, grounding, safe travel, freedom, speed, grace and strength.
  • Hummingbird (Perspective) tireless joy, accomplishing the impossible.
  • Lizard (Change) change, new beginnings.
  • Moose (Courage) courage, determination and clarity.
  • Raven (Wellness) intelligence, wellness, keeper of secrets. 
  • Wolf (Freedom) cooperation, loyalty, family, intelligence, freedom.



Animal Spirit Guide Candle with Pendant

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