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These beautifully scented pillar candles are adorned with a pewter celtic pendant that can be treasured long after the candle has burned.  Each candle measures approximately 6.25" tall and has an approximate burn time of 64-hours.

Currently available:

Green Man (Growth)– the green man is primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring


Dragon (Power)- Celtic dragons live at the bottom of the lakes or guard trees, and they represent elemental power and protection


Nathair (Wisdom)– Nathair, the snake is associated with wisdom, the Druids were known in Wales as Nadredd; in the fold of the Bards, Taliesin says ” I am wiseman, I am serpent”


Celtic Cross (Devotion)– the Celtic cross is extensively used as a symbol of Christianity to show devotion to a higher spiritual power, and also as a tool for spiritual focus


Triskele Shield (Moving Forward)– the 3 branches are positioned in such a way so as to make the symbol appear as if it is in constant forward motion


Triskele (Trinity)– the triple goddess symbolizes the trinity in all of its forms: body, mind and spirit; maiden, mother, and crone; and the christian trinity, the father, the son, and the holy spirit

Well Cover (Healing)– the chalice well is traveled to for its iron rich water that has healing powers. It is said that water runs constantly through the well, even in droughts


Celtic Visions Candle with Your Choice of Pendant

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