Crystal Energy Necklaces - 13 Choices First Set

Crystal Energy Necklaces - 13 Choices First Set


These lead-free, adjustable pewter necklaces feature natural healing stones and gems. These stones have been used for healing for hundreds of years, and by wearing this necklace you will have the stone on your body at all times, allowing you to receive the healing quality of your chosen stone. 

Made in the USA.

Blue Goldstone = Abundance

Red Jasper = Well Being

Unakite = Energy

White Howlite = Calming

Adventurine = Harmony

Amethyst = Spirituality

Indian Agate = Protection

Picture Jasper = Courage

Rhodonite = Serenity

Rose Quartz = Love

Snowflake Obsidian = Balance

Sodalite = Truth




Choose your energy stone:
  • Stones variations

    These are natural stones and gems, so the item you receive may look slightly different than the item shown in the photo.

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