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Viking Rune candles, hand-poured and lovely scented. Measuring 1.75" x 6.5" 

Burns 40-60 hours and comes with lead-free, made in the USA pewter pendant


Candles Available:

  • Dagaz (Rune of The New Day)

  • Eihwaz (Rune of Self Defense)

  • Feoh (Rune of Success)

  • Geba (Rune of Love)

  • Kenaz (Rune of Fire and Illumination) 

  • Parz (Rune of Bringing to Light) 

  • Raido (Rune of Travel) 

  • Sigel (Rune of Will and Self-Confidence)

  • Turaz (Rune of Good Wealth and Good Fortune) 

  • Tyr (Rune of VIctory in Competition) 

  • Uruz (Rune of Strength and Good Health)

Viking Rune Candle with Pendant

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